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Always Focused On Her Needs

Our 8 month old daughter hadn’t been feeling well. She had been running fever, reaching to her ears, irritable and not sleeping or nursing well. We took her to Isaac for an adjustment and saw improvements that afternoon and evening with nursing better, sleeping well and being back to her happy self.

Dr. Murphy did such a great job with her adjustment and always focused on her needs and made her feeling comfortable during the process. He does a great job of making you feel welcome as soon as you walk through the door. He takes time to explain issues and why the body is reacting the way it is. He gives you the opportunity to ask any questions and acts like he has plenty of time for you and your family. He is genuinely interested in your family’s wellness. We are so thankful for Isaac and what he’s done for our family!

Tiffany S.

Can't Recommend Enough!

Judah had been unusually fussy the past two or three days. We figured his stomach was upset and hoped it would pass. He wouldn’t sleep for more than an hour and didn’t eat much.

I called Isaac Murphy to schedule Judah’s weekly adjustment and he was able to come to our house that evening, but he came right when Judah needed to eat, and we thought for sure he would get fussy. While he was feeling Judah’s spine he suddenly looked up at Judy and I as if he was startled and said “I know you didn’t hear it, but that vertebra moved so much!” He explained how the adjustment would help with digestion and we should see immediate results. Isaac finished the house call and went on his way and Judah promptly zonked out hard.

I could feel him instantly relax onto my chest way more than he had in three days. His stomach felt better and he slept so hard on his pacifier that it left this hilarious “D” on his face. Isaac has helped Judah WAY more than one would ever think possible in his short one month of life and way too much to list on one post.

I can’t recommend Murphy Chiropractic enough! Isaac makes house calls, can usually fit you in same day, and is one of the best in the business. While he will adjust anybody, Isaac specializes in pregnant women and infants and I can tell you first hand- he is a true professional as well as an amazing man of God. If you haven’t had results with other chiropractors, call Murphy Chiropractic here in Carthage.

Garrett B.

Critical Part of a Healthy Life

We got to meet Dr. Issac this week at an educational class we had traveled in for….

When he found out my husbands hip was out and bothering him terribly, he graciously got his table out of the car and give Dale an adjustment after class. Guess what? It was way more than a hip problem, the whole sacrum was out of wack!

We were grateful Issac took the time to explain to Dale what he had adjusted, what to expect post treatment and ways to prevent problems in the future. We hit the road again feeling better than we came in!

Chiro care is such a critical part of a healthy life, and we were grateful Issac was available and willing to help at a moments notice. Highly recommend!

Tonya F.

Genuinely Cares for Others

I’ve been receiving care from Dr. Murphy since March and it has made such a difference in my overall well-being. I have Crohn’s disease and Dr. Murphy is using all his skill and knowledge to help me in my battle for a good quality of life. He is a very kind soul who genuinely cares for others.

His servant heart is reflected in the time and attention he gives in treatment and answering any questions with regards to your health and his impact on it. If you look up compassion in the dictionary, his picture will be next to the definition.

Jen W.

Very Patient and Very Gentle

For years I had issues with my upper back and the back o f my head, causing major tension headaches. Dr. Murphy was very patient and very gentle with the corrections he made, and I have had very few issues with tension headaches since.

If I ever needed a last minute appointment, he was very accommodating, and made every effort to get me in same day, if not first thing the next morning.

He explained what he was doing, why he was doing it, and how it affected my overall health. I have nothing but excellent things to say about him!

Paul B.

Dr. Murphy is Amazing!

My little 3 month old daughter had her tongue tie revised which causes tension in a lot of other parts of the body. At first I was going to drive all the way to Fayetteville Arkansas for a chiropractor to do CST(craniosacral therapy) but SO glad I saved myself that drive.

Dr Murphy is amazing. He is easy to understand and talk to. I breastfeed my daughter and he
is very professional about it and uses that to also help with the care. I have seen SO much change in my little girl since we started going to him already and it’s only been two days! 

Will definitely be recommending him to friends, family, and anyone who could use his services!

Samanza S.

The Change From Last Year is Phenomenal!

I took my 6-year-old son to see Dr. Murphy right before school started this year. We are now 3 weeks in and the change from last year is phenomenal!! He was in trouble for being disruptive nearly daily last year and, so far this year, he has yet to have any issues.

I appreciate the way Dr. Murphy showed respect for both of us and listened to my concerns as a mother. He took the time to make sure my son was comfortable and that we understood what he was doing and why. I will definitely be taking both my boys back!!

Jackie N.

Thank You

I have been taking my son to Dr.Murphy for a couple weeks now for his eczema and for his latch not being perfect. Dr. Murphy told me to drink Milk Thistel tea to help with his liver that was causing his rash. Once I started drinking the tea and taking him in for ajustments it started clearing up.

Madeleine K.

Very Knowledgeable

Dr Issac has been treating my husband Brian for over a year because of a back injury and closed head injury in 2014. He has been a god-send to our family. He has made emergency sessions for Brian when his back would have a flair up and even this past weekend did 2 house calls after Brian strained his back again.

Dr Issac is very knowledgeable about how to best treat the body, whether it be through physical manipulations, acupuncture, or through advisement of how to best improve health through proper nutrition and self-care behaviors. He has a very gentle and caring personality, which helps immensely when his patient is suffering from their ailments. We highly recommend his services to everyone.

Stacy S.

Really Cares For His Patients

26 years old and I got stuck in bed this morning from back pains. It took me two hours to roll over. Two sessions in one day and I’m walking straight and pain is less. Issac does a great job. He really cares for his patients.

David K.

The Most Caring, Compassionate Chiropractor

Isaac is the most caring, compassionate chiropractor that I’ve ever encountered. He goes above and beyond to make sure that you are functioning to the best of your body’s ability.

Tiffany G.

I Had Amazing Relief From Pain

I have a rare neurological disease and injuries from a horse accident, years ago, and have been in several car accidents. Dr Murphy worked on me several times, with patience and understanding of my needs. I had amazing relief from pain and highly recommend him.Thank You, Dr Murphy, for your kindness and wisdom.

Jean V.


Dr Isaac has helped me all the way through my recent pregnancy and has even adjusted my baby several times with obvious results in her temperament. He always makes himself available to help and will make any effort to find answers to my questions. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!!!!

Jennifer P.

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